Quality Videos for Young Children

Need a baby gift? Bo Peep Videos pioneered the concept of infant/toddler videos using familiar activities involving play, animals, eating, washing, bugs, trucks, machines, sounds and the weather to present a rich visual format that young children love.

Educators and speech therapists find the simple and direct approach excellent for use as teaching tools and lesson plans. Parents and grandparents feel they are some of the most entertaining and enjoyable video gifts for the babies and toddlers in their lives. Kids love them because they’re fun. Pre-school teachers love them because they’re educational. Parents love them because they’re so nicely done.

Some of the highest quality family videos you can offer your toddler! Artist/Educator sisters, and their Early Childhood Specialist mother, put this award winning series together and won approval of educational
professionals nationwide!

A great alternative to commercial television for our youngest viewers!